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Top Reasons Why Android is Better than iOS

Why Android is Better than iOS

Why Android is Better than iOS

ANDROID and IOS both counted as a veteran tech giant in worlds. Both are prominent due to its advanced services and technology that is changing people life and making more advance. Today, technology is helping people to transform their lives. We discuss IOS and Android, which one is better, then we find out that Android is better and people are using it more. Here, we will talk about that how Android is better than IOS.

# Device That You will Get Everywhere

Android is used almost on each device like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola, LG and many more company all are using the Android operating system. There are many features that you will get in only Android devices like dual SIM. This function you will not get in IOS. Apple devices only support IOS, but approximate all devices use Android. Many features that are very helpful for us like removal battery and SD card are just found in Android device and in IOS you cannot get these.

In gadgets, size matter a lot and Android serve you a wide range of devices that are having different size and you can choose the best one for you among them according to your need and desire.

Android is the creation of Google and IOS is a creation of Apple. Both are known for transforming the world by its key services. But when we count it overall, then we find out that ANDROID APP DEVELOPMENT is best for us, and we can also share any data by it but Apple restricts us. So, from all above, we can say that all factors make Android greater than IOS.

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