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Top 10 Reasons to Use Unity 3D for Mobile Game App Development

Use Unity 3D for Mobile Game App Development

Mobile Game App Development
             Unity 3D for Mobile Game App Development

As the demand for Mobile game Application is on a hike then it is continually increasing due to the increasing number of smartphones users. At present, more than 3 billion smartphones are currently using by people and approximate, they all are using Apps for getting information and services. After website, the Application has become a prominent source to serve your services. In Application, game Apps are mostly demanded and they are covering a large share of it. When we want to develop our mobile game Application then the main issue arises in front of us is that which platform should be used by us to develop our Apps. So here, we will discuss Unity 3D that is mostly used by us to develop mobile game Application. For game development, unity 3d is most demanded software to develop a mobile App and Game Apps.

Why Choose unity 3D?

Why Choose unity 3D


It comes in two versions like pro version and free version. Unity free version is best for us if we don’t want to do use high features. But if we use pro version, then it will be quite useful for us and we will get more features and functionality that will pay us more and we can make our game Apps more advance with robust specialty. In this, once you start work in free version then you can easily move to pro version and there are many functions that are always available for you there. By using them, you can easily enhance them and can use them for your rich functionality.


It’s support for all kind of platforms like Android, Windows, IOS, Mac, PC, PlayStation and Xbox and many more. In this, we can easily develop our game on one platform and can easily take it to another platform and that’s its main specialty. When we port our Apps one platform to another, then it uses a set of different technology and for this, we use a lot of effort. When we use any other platform and software to develop Apps then in the meantime if we want to change our platform, then it takes months and we waste our time too much. But, if we use unity 3D then we can easily change our platform in a simple way. Unity makes all things in an easy way and we can change our platform very easy but compare to other platforms it is quite time-saving and money saving. We can easily utilize our money and time after bussing unity that is prominent software for Application development and it has become the first choice for developers.


Approximate more than 2 million developers are using this software for Application development and its number are increasing day by day as a developer are more oriented towards it due to its easy and awesome functionality. If you ever face any issue in development process regarding unity, then you can use the forums and chat services, where you can share your ideas and get the perfect solutions for your problems. Here, unity also organized summer meet program where you can meet with rich experienced developers and you can also share your ideas there. Each summer they held an annual conference, where you will get a perfect cure for your problem and for serve you best services there are forum services available and you can use them easily.


Its Asset store is really a great place to get what you need and making your App without using any kind of scratch. If you are having an experience in your field, then you can earn money from here. There is the procedure to submit your services in asset store by just following its rule and regulations. Once your asset approved for unity asset store, then you will get a 70% royalty on each selling and you can easily fund your next project by this money easily. Asset store is really helpful for us and by using this we can earn money also in an easy way.


You can script in unity by using JavaScript and c#. Both languages we can easily use in it. For scripting all these, we can use JavaScript and C# languages and both play a vital role in unity software to develop game Applications.


Unity is the best place to develop 3D games. But we can also develop 2D games in it. With the help of its latest version, there is also available 2D engine that allows us to create 2D games. So, this type it helps us to develop 2D and 3D games in the best way. By the help of unity, we can easily get sprite animation, animation sheet, and 2D physics. 3D, as well as 2D games, can be easily implemented and developed by unity software.


Basically, all multiplayer games are built in unity. Unity provides us with a framework and many tools that help us to develop our unique functionality in an easy way and for each special task, there is tolls are available and we can use them excessively. Some of the features that, we cannot do without unity because these features are inbuilt in it. Developing multiplayer mobile games Apps are very difficult, but unity makes them easy with the help of its best tools. So design and develop multiplayer games are very easy with the help of unity software.


If we want to know about unity, then it is very easy with the help of online tutorial and online classes. There is a lot of content are available for you to learn it in an easy way and you can easily learn that how to use its tools. For this, its cost is very low. For your comfort, you can start it from your home. All for your great is available here in the best ways.


For unity developers, unite organize an annual summit and summer conference, where you can meet with unity developers and can share your ideas. For your development and introducing you with high skills, you should join the summit. Here you will get to know about high technology and latest changes and how we can make our Application according to them. In conference, you will know all about innovative ideas and latest innovation and how you can involve them in our mobile games App. So, this is all for your benefit.


Unity is very easy to get started and getting the help of online course you can easily develop your Application. All kinds of solutions for development, you can easily get with help of the developer community that is best for your services. Here you can easily build and compile your games with no extra effort and it makes your development process very easy and effective. This is the best software to develop your unique idea with excellent features and all you can do it in an easy manner.

Unity is a revolution in game Apps development. It is quite useful for us because of which, we can easily implement our services in an easy way. At present, all developers are using this software for game Application development because it serves us best interface that gives us high functionality in a useful and easy way. Unity has become a recognized platform and more than 2 million developers are actively working on it. It is quite profitable for us to develop and design our services. Unity is highly demanded among developers and mainly they use the pro version for this so, they can produce more creative results for us.

If you are thinking to develop your mobile game Apps then you should take help of Apps developer or Mobile Game Development Company who can develop your Apps by using unity software. If you use unity and game development company then, surely you will get perfect results and solutions. For better output and better outcome unity must be our first choice and surely it gives us powerful results. Mobile games are also in highest demand as Smartphone users are increasing and they are using game Apps in too much and unique quality Apps with special functionality is more demanding so unity will make it easy for us.

Unity is developed by unity technologies and it is the cross-platform based game engine that helps us to develop mobile video games and in-game Application it is using too much. Some features are impossible without its use. It supports all kinds of a platform and operating system. Till now, six versions have been released and it is upgrading itself according to new technology and innovations. Its main aim to serve best game Apps to users and to make an easy path for developers so, they can develop best mobile game Apps. It is totally developer’s friendly software, here developer can easily code their specifications and you can bring your imagination into reality by using unity software that’s the main aim to produce a powerful game Application that will love by users. Owing to its high tech features and easy user accessibility it has become all favourite destinations.

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