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10 Strategies To Boost Customer Engagement For E-commerce Website In 2018?

The Boost Customer Engagement Strategy keeps changing time to time. What are the ten best strategies you must follow in the coming year? Here, we have covered all the points. Let’s check it out.

1) Build E-mail Lists To Boost Customer Engagement
Building up E-mail lists will surely help you get noticed by a wide chunk. Make sure that your customers’ trust and you are doing without bothering them otherwise you may have to wind up to switch to the SPAM folder.

Prepare strong content to keep them informed about the promotion, news, discount and promotion and so on.

• Advertise new and upcoming products.
• Serve great chunk of promotions or discounts.
• Relevant and helpful blog posts.
• Keep asking your customers in respect of feedback.
• Design special newsletter-only based on campaigns and discount codes

2) Visualization More Important Than Ever To Boost Customer Engagement
According to the study, YouTube registers every day 18 and above the years-old audience during peak TV hours in comparison to any cable TV network.
Visualization is one of the factors that you must not circumvent at any rate. With a visually rich and interactive elements having video, customers show a bit more interest to contemplate the service or product. The audience always keeps hunting the best material and never ignore something relevant. They either like or share.

A highly-engaged material having video gets viral within no time on various SM platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Mobile users’ ratio is increasing day-by-day, and they are smart enough to take their decision. For this, they always prefer watching videos.

3) Keep Adding Genuine Customer Reviews on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn According to the experts, sharing the given reviews by customers on Facebook can bring a tremendous change regarding the customer’s time on your site by 9.9%. Moreover, Twitter can boost time on site by 35%.

Customer reviews are worth to win the trust of the customer. Moreover, they hold power to increase your Ecommerce Customer Engagement conversion rates.
Be honest with your customers. Share the honest reactions taking from the friends, family and social connections as they are genuine.

4) Turn Product Reviews Into Your Customer Engagement Strategy Advantage

You can do a lot with product reviews to create a wide chunk of potential customers into the regular one. Check it out the best tips mentioned below.

• Always send a thank you note after accomplished the purchasing procedure.
• Give a significant amount of cash or store credit to the lucky customer.
• Do not send the email so quickly. Give some time to your customers and reply it within 1-24 hours to your customers after shopping.
• To get more than 1 or 2 start review, issue your phone number to your customers so they can easily contact you in case of having any issues.
• Instead of deleting the negative review mentioned on your site, go for addressing it properly and adequately.

5) Use the Scientific Method To Prepare Headlines

At the time crafting headlines for on-site content, add the keywords and make it full of curiosity factor to lure the customers to read it out. Headlines must be informative with data-backed blockbusters.

Put scientific and A/B test headlines so they must be sound clickable. The study says that customers love reading the content having heading equipped with numbers.

This is considered the must-to-follow Boost Customer Engagement strategy as readers always love to click the article having a compelling headline.

6) A spectacular website

How much a viewer takes time to decide if they like or wish to visit your site ever in future? It may sound a bit bizarre, but it takes only 150 milliseconds. Your viewers probably not love to visit your website if it is annoying, dull or quite traditional. For this, your site’s bounce rate must be a good.

Your site must be designed in a great way to have great presentation in respect of products and service. “New Arrivals” must be there to inform them about the latest products.

7) Create a compelling push Customer Engagement Strategy

This idea initially came from Blackberry devices to make easy for the users to stay updated whenever they received new emails. Now, it has emerged as the best marketing strategy.

Mitigate cart abandonment rates going with this push strategy pushing out messages. Create location-based message to let them where other branches are located in their vicinity.

Keep pampering wish listing to help the brands to have a better understanding in respect of what customers are exactly looking for.

8) Stop Forcing Users to Register Before Buying

According to the new age study, it is being said that 23% user never love to get registered and leave without any purchase if you ask them to register.
Irrespective if they have the time or not, they do not like the procedure of creating an account.

They will chuck your site and probably will not head even in future.

9) Offer a Money Back Guarantee

If you are offering good products to your customers, you can go for having to bet on it. According to the study, money back guaranteed makes customers quickly to trust the product.

Moreover, it can bring a significant chunk of sales to you. A free trial is another thing can change the overall game regarding E-commerce Customer Engagement.

The guarantee is the word people believe so quickly. It makes your customers believe you.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Forever Guarantee
Lowest Price Guarantee
$1 Million Service Guarantee

10) Wallet payments

Faster payment means staying away from hassles. The increasing ratio of smartphones has already created a great buzz. Wallet payments are being appreciated by the customers. The new age technology can work a lot on your business.

Study says that approximately 23% (a quarter of purchases) is made using smartphones (23%)
On the other hand, 16% use digital wallets are made on desktops
And 19% use the payment option using on tablets.

Follow these above-mentioned strategies to earn more benefit to your e-commerce store.

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